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I think MediaWiki's default syndication feed support is pretty suboptimal for normal viewing. It's just raw diffs of the page changes, which is hard to read, it ignores all formating and just gives you wikitext, and it has tons of crap in it you don't care about if you just want to read the site. It just isn't what you want for reading.[1]

So, I installed Gregory Szorc's nice WikiFeeds extension and made some minor changes myself. It provides much better and more pleasant syndication, and it reads like a blog feed, basically, which is nice. Here are some useful feeds for this site:

  • Recent Changes: rss atom
  • Recent Rants: rss atom
    (look at those URLs to see how to select your own categories)
  • Newest Articles: rss atom

If none of those suit you, then you can learn how to make your own custom ones at Special:WikiFeeds.


Since I don't like feeds much myself, I've set up a mailing list that I send out notification of substantial changes and new articles, and maybe the full article text, when I write them. Personally, I like getting a mail reminder so I don't have to check the site or a feed reader. I will make a judgement call over when I think something is important enough to send out to the list, while the feeds above catch all changes.[2]

Watch for Changes

And finally, you can just manually watch the Recent Changes page or the Homepage, both of which have a nice list of timestamped changes, if you don't dig on the syndication thing.

  1. If you really want to try the raw MediaWiki feeds, here you go: rss atom
  2. I never remember to hit the Minor Edit checkbox when submitting changes, so I apologize that minor changes will show up in the feeds.
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