No One Knows About Your Game

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My GDC 2013 Indie Game Summit soapbox[1] was titled No One Knows About Your Game. It's a spiritual sequel to my 2011 soapbox, 5 Minutes Worth of Observations about AAA Indie Games, and it's about how even if you think you have a lot of press and awareness, for all practical purposes, no one knows about your game.

This audio was from a rehearsal, not the actual IGS version of the talk, but that was on somebody else's laptop, so I didn't record it.

One key point from this talk is the following theory of mine, partially based on analyzing what happened with Spore:

You cannot overhype a game, you can only underdeliver.

Sean Barrett tweeted this in response to my announcement of this post:


I'll put some additional thoughts here soon... Right now I have to prepare another lecture!

  1. Which is like a rant, but nicer!
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